Who Are we?

M & G Hoskins Pty Ltd originated from “father and son” passion for good quality music.

A proud family owned business est. 1976 Gordon Hoskins (Director) of M & G Hoskins Pty Ltd conveys more than 40yrs of experience in the audio industry, with a diverse experience across wholesale trading and retail.

Supplying to Top End Hi Fi Specialists within Australia, M & G Hoskins focuses on providing a full range of premium products for serious audio enthusiasts.

Many years of trading has resulted in us having developed trusted relationships with manufacturers/suppliers, to retail outlets and to the end user, the consumer.

Products are selected with specific key characteristics in mind that offer assurance to our clients that they are receiving value and quality. We are proud distributors of a number of superb brands established in the UK.

Leema Acoustics founders Lee Taylor and Mallory Nicholls, ex-BBC engineers created these speakers to further explore the fanatical interest in audio reproduction.
The Acoustic Energy’s one objective is to accurately transfer amplified signals into audible energy.
Creek Audio has been apart of the British Hi-Fi industry for the past 30 years. Creek Audio’s precept is purity of sound with quality built products at affordable prices

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All products under warranty must be serviced by an authorised service agent within Australia.